About Us

Medical Data Analytics was founded in 2008 to function as the health economics and outcomes research arm of our parent company, Market Certitude, LLC. Building on our core competency in chart data collection, we created a scientifically rigorous and efficient chart data abstraction process anchored on physician involvement. Important advantages to our method include the ability to generate large, geographically representative physician and patient samples for studies designed to gain insights into physician perceptions and prescribing behaviors. Through Market Certitude, we have more than a decade of experience in medical chart review studies across multiple therapeutic areas, treatment settings, and physician specialties in the US and international markets. Our chart data has been used to examine the following:

  • Disease prevalence/incidence
  • Disease profiling
  • Patient-reported outcomes
    • Treatment satisfaction
    • Quality of life
    • Work productivity
  • Treatment algorithms
  • Clinical outcomes and resource utilization
  • Survival analysis
  • Market sizing and demand forecasting