Our Method — Targeted Abstraction Process (TAP™)

TAP™ is a core process that employs strict guidelines for data collection and includes validation and quality-control procedures that yield data of exceptionally high integrity. The goal of TAP™ is to collect error-free data by adopting the best practices for data collection from the standards that have been imposed on clinical trials. Physician involvement is an important and distinguishing feature of TAP™. Physicians are recruited for study participation with the understanding that they will act as study investigators with responsibility for patient selection and enrollment, data abstraction, and data validation and resolution. TAP™ consists of a number of critical steps that ensure:

  • Validity and reliability of all research instruments
  • Access to targeted physician specialties and patient populations
  • Fully knowledgeable and trained internal and external teams
  • Up-to-date study progress through ongoing follow up with study investigators
  • Accuracy and completeness of data submissions
  • Cost-effective research designs
  • Timely execution and delivery of study results